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About Keith



Born in Marlow, England. As a child I was happiest when outside. I remember long walks with my father in the surrounding woods and countryside, and I believe these early experiences helped form my sensitivity to the landscape. 

I always loved drawing. I remember buying a book called How to Draw Trees and sitting in the local woods, drawing them. At school the art room was my 'second home' and I was fortunate enough to have inspirational teachers throughout.

After school I did a foundation course in art, but there was outside pressure not to follow this as a  career and instead get 'a proper job'.  So I went into a local architects office and studied architecture part time. I never fully qualified, but worked as an assistant in various private practices for many years. 

In my late twenties I decided to change direction and worked for the National Trust whilst studying horticulture.  In 1985 I moved to West Dorset in England to restore a small historic garden in Somerset.

Throughout my working life I continued to draw and paint. It was like an itch that needed to be scratched. In 1990 I had the opportunity to return to full time studies and enrolled on an Access Art and Design Course, which led on to me being offered a place on a Fine Art Degree Course. I was awarded my degree in 1995, and subsequently a Certificate in Education, allowing me to teach on various art courses at the local art college and in Adult Education. 

Given my childhood experiences, my history in architecture and my love of gardening, it will come as no surprise that these are the subjects that inspire my paintings.